My Magic number 3

I’ve been listening to / reading about the magic number three and it seemed apt to name my 3rd blog post as that! I also happen to be a number 3, being born in the month of March (yay Birthday month) on the 30th ! All leads to the number 3 !

So many updates!! So, this is what happens when you don’t blog for long!

In this blog, I shall divide my experiences into the magical 3 parts; World outside me, world inside me and love! Read on!

  1. The World outside of me !

Some really amazing women interaction happened, in the spirit of women’s day! Poo was in town, and we attended her lovely dance & musical play headed by another lovely talented lady named ‘Sharanya’ ! Eeeee yess! Its so rare to meet same named person for me, because its not like I have a very common name in Bombay! I probably know 3 of them now ! (the magic number!!)

Reena Soni this other lovely woman and fantastic friend, was in bombay for one whole day and we tried to catch up on months of gossip and what not! I have very rare but lovely girly moments with some of my girl friends and this one surely tops the list! Come back soon !! <3

And apart from this, I spoke at an event called ‘Voices’ initiated by SLP Women (energetic & fun bunch of women entrepreneurs) about my artistic and entrepreneurial journey ! That,…was very interesting! I don’t know if everyone were hooked to my face because i made sense or because they thought i was crazy and quite amusing with expressive eyes! but their nods and Yes’es were quite assuring πŸ˜‰ Andddddd also, it was the first time I accompanied myself on the guitar and performed my original compositions for 15 minutes ! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Yes I’m still blushing about it !:-) πŸ™‚

And then a ‘crazy, sleepless, roller-coaster songwriting ride’ happened with Kaly! Omg not only is this woman super duper talented but is also so much fun, with a fantastic sense of humour, is a lovely friend & an amazing soul!! And here is what we finally cooked together for the women’s day! please excuse our sleepy baffled looks and terrible lip sync attempts!

I love collaborations! Be it with Kaly, or my recent jams with unplugged boys at home, or the few pending project sessions that are lying in my Macbook Hard drive ( grr which i need to finish soon!). The best part about collaborations and playing music with different people is the different vibes each one bring, to music, to art and to the whole experience and every time the blend has a different essence and aftertaste.

Other kinds of Collabs, I’ve been having quite a few good productive meetings with Avish and Hemant, & hopefully we might be cooking something together soon! #Indieheart

2. The World Inside Me

Other than the experiences with the world outside me, there’s been quite some experiences with the one within! Alot of self observation has been happening! Like they say at Vipassana, be aware and equanimous all the time! So, I try to practice the “stay” or the balloon, or ‘gubbaar’ as i call it ! It means to stay in the moment, stay with the sensations, stay in the flow, stay with the breath like a helium balloon! Applying them to my daily practices and routine chores! Also, ever since i discovered one problem area (or may i put it as ‘an opportunity to improve’ area) during singing (i.e.the jaw tension), I’ve been working on consciously keeping it free and relaxed !

3. Love ( Compassion wala Not romantic wala :P) before you get wrong ideas ! I know some of you very well by now!

Only love is real! & I truly believe in it!

The new little kitty in my house is such a perfect example. We don’t know each other but she comes from no where and she has all our attention with the immense unconditional love she showers us with! Such an absolute lovebomb she is !

And we do have a tough time finding her an appropriate loving home ! We cannot keep her because our dogs haven’t and wont accept her! It’s been a week since this 6 week old bundle of joy has been a guest at ours, playing with us, taking all of us to task (in a good way) keeping us on our toes!! look at her !

Something wonderful happened today! Mom and I, went searching for a “billie wale baba” (Cat Man/ Saint- literal translation lol) that we were told about living across a lane in Charkop, sector 9!

And to our absolute surprise, we were so taken aback to see this old (almost under nourished) poor couple, taking care and giving food, medicines and shelter to more than 200 cats in his small shanty (‘jhopadaa’)! Mom and I asked him so many wh questions almost like we were interviewing him. We went back and donated 2 bags of cat food and ordered for more! We couldn’t believe such genuinely amazing and compassionate people exist! Infact, If you’ve been reading my last couple of FB posts about the cruelty to animals, my constant tags were #whereisthelove? #whereiscompassion?

Maybe this was an answer from the universe!

Now, I’m so moved by what he does, I want to do something for him and his cats! I want to do something with him! Maybe we could convert it into another Cat Cafe Studio or a Cat house with adoption center ! If you’re interested to help in any way including and especially monetary way, Ping me ! πŸ™‚ Also, if you’d like to go visit, let me know!

Happy note to end the blog : Share the love! Spread love ! Cheers!

P.S. : If you know someone who is willing to adopt the little kitten please ping me ASAP!

Bonus kitty video below πŸ˜›

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