“A mentor, teacher and counsellor par excellence! One learns musicalities, notations, & all aspects of performing arts. Beyond everything, an exceptional human being, who brings out the best in you!Helps you rise as a meteoric star on the firmament of music.” –Kumudini Ved

“When I approached Sharanya, I had specific areas that I wanted to develop in my singing. But what I got in return was a vast knowledge of vocal technique, physical preparedness, stage presence and emotional development. I was mind blown at all the areas in singing that I developed that I had never even thought of. I am truly blessed to have been coached by her and grateful for her advise and friendship which has helped me a big deal in my performances and musical career.”- Ryan Crasto

“Sharanya ma’am has been a great mentor through out. She is amazing at what she does. She did not only teach me music, but so much more about life in general. She’s been more than a teacher, she’s been a sister and a friend to me. She taught me technicals and lessons that nobody else did. She’s the best teacher I’ve had. Always so supportive, encouraging and pushing me to do more everytime. She understands an individual and goes about the teaching process accordingly which I think is great. She focuses on every detail and inspires you to keep getting better. I am so glad I trained under her for four years and I couldn’t have had a better teacher for this.❤️❤️❤️❤️ “- Palak Bheda

“You are a beautiful person inside out. I really enjoy all the vocals classes with you. You are full of positivity and love. I love your voice. You are an inspiration to all of us!” – Neha Agrawal

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