My 1st blog ! Yay!

Hellloooo Rosebuds and welcome to my blog!!!


I’m going to try and keep this unfiltered & unedited & give myself a chance to open up to you and for you, to get to know me up close and personal. Lately, my friends have been complaining of not knowing what’s happening in my life, unless its on social media, youtube, soundcloud or other media! And some others have been accusing me of being too secretive and shutting the world out! Artists can be that and I’m not denying! But here is a chance to make up for that & what better opportunity than a blog on my site!


Though I’ve never done this before, I’m going to try out new things! New things are always fun! You never know what you are about to discover unless you try!


I’m not sure where to start from, since a lot has happened in the past. Some awesome things like a lot of recording, commercial projects, personal collaborations, lot of learning, I’ve been working with 2 brilliant vocal coaches/ friends Varun & Akshay while my vocal guru Gilles Denizot is away, I’ve been traveling, having fun, a lot of happy moments with family and friends, but I also have my share of downs and sad moments, lost close ones, many friends turned strangers and strangers turned friends, shit happens and you get yourself together and move on. 🙂 Circle of life!


Some quick mentions:

1. These awesome Australian producers Lachlan Magoo Goold and Yanto Browning selected our indie composition and recorded and produced my friend Shivangi and me, with a fun bunch of musicians who helped us out. The song is now under post production & will be out worldwide, in the month of April 2016 tentatively! Fingers crossed!


2. I had an experience worth a lifetime on my roadtrip to the North East of India with a crazy bunch of creative folks. This project was led by Jay called the #RtxProject and we did a lot of creative, artsy, lovely music stuff with the bunch of travellers as well as the cool local guys at Kohima, Dimapur, Majuli, Dawki, Guwahati & Shillong !


3. Right after that outdoor adventure, was another adventure on the inside! An interesting course called Vipassana at Igatpuri (near Nashik) where you remain silent for 10 days and cut out from the world to embark on a beautiful journey within you! I also made a new bunch of awesome girl friends there !! & Now, we have a whatsapp group! So Cool! Go technology!!


These experiences tend to change people and are pretty powerful! We are learning constantly, but these experiences accelerate learning at different levels altogether. So go travel, go meet new people, collaborate, explore art & music, go play, stay still, meditate, flow! Its brilliant and I’m so grateful to have had them!


Ever since I got back, life has become even more interesting!!! I ran my 1st small marathon 10km (yeah i actually physically ran) and completed it!! I started learning to play the guitar. The bouts of creative inspiration have led me to write some new material for my new songs! Also, I’ve been recording a lot of TV & Radio jingles and Voice Overs lately! Which means, Yay, you will soon hear my voice !!! Ones to look out for – Jumbo King Vadapav, Peter England, Talwalkars, Enrich Salon, & Crossword bookstore.



ALSO!! I did backing for a song called ‘Darr se’ for the movie featuring Sonam Kapoor called ‘Neerja’ which will be out anyday now! Oouuhh!!! soo excited !!!


Small things are happening! It’s been a great Sunday so far and today I finally watched the movie ‘The Last song” that features Miley Cyrus! Its such a cute film and I’m sure most of the girls will agree. It’s a pretty neat film to spark the valentine spirit in you !


More from me, very soon!


Lots of love, light and good vibes !